Due Diligence Services

Acquisitions and financial due diligence

Acquisitions are generally considered by businesses to strengthen shareholder value, enhance the company’s position in the market and accelerate the growth of the business.  However, acquisitions do need to be carefully positioned and managed to ensure that they are a success.

It is therefore essential prior to making an acquisition that you make an informed investment decision in order to enhance shareholder value.  The three key aspects that should be focused on when making an investment decision are:

  • Ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the acquisition target’s business
  • Identifying and understanding the risks, potential issues and business drivers
  • Ensuring that you have a clear analysis of the target to allow you to draw detailed conclusions and recommendations as to whether to proceed.

Commercial due diligence

The prerequisite of commercial due diligence is becoming increasingly common for transactions, whether it be to provide re-assurance to capital providers of the working capital, profits and viability of the business going forwards or for the board to be comfortable with the potential deal.

Vendor due diligence

If you are the selling entity then your anticipated transaction may be two to three years into the future, but it is imperative to allow sufficient time in order to maximise the value of the business on sale.

On the sale side we like to engage with businesses at the early stages when they are considering an exit either through MBO or sale. We ensure that we fully understand your business and its transactions and the risks that the business faces, and ensure that at the point of sale the business is in its premium shape.

Please see below a few examples of transactions we have recently worked on.

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How haysmacintyre can help you

We have a strong track record for assisting both private and public companies, as well as investors, banks and private equity houses with robust due diligence services which our clients use for both their own requirements as the purchaser of the target entity, as well as it being suitable for use by their funders if required.  

Our financial due diligence procedures allow us to perform a thorough examination of the target company’s finances through reviewing current, historic and forecast performance, and its financial position.  We perform detailed tax due diligence to ensure that any hidden issues are resolved prior to purchase.

Each due diligence engagement is led directly by a partner to ensure that the most experienced sector individuals are involved in the process. 

We ensure that each engagement is tailored so that we focus on the key risk areas to that business and sector.  By having sector specialists involved we will be able to provide you with both a strong commercial insight as well as focus on the key areas.

Our MSI Global Alliance allows us to assist and support our clients with transactions both in the UK and overseas.