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24th August 2023

In January 2023, haysmacintyre and RAiN started collaborating on a mutually beneficial audit secondment arrangement. For a seven month period, six members of the RAiN audit department worked remotely on haysmacintyre audit clients, helping to deliver quality audit services to UK based clients.

This was a great chance for RAiN to gain international exposure. The team was also introduced to progressive audit software (Inflo), supplementary tools (DataSnipper) and a UK based audit approach performed within the UK accounting framework. The team was able to experience working on different types of clients to those they are familiar with locally. Combined with the challenge of working within a different firm and local culture, it made for a multi-faceted experience.

“A secondment with an international firm not only provides us at RAiN with a deep understanding of global trends and challenges, but also enhances our marketability in a highly competitive job market. The exposure to diverse industries and clients during the secondment broadens our skill set and equips the team with a versatile approach to problem-solving, making us an attractive audit solution in various sectors.” – Lenske Holl, Mohammed Dosh and Usaamah Mayet, RAiN

“We enjoyed meeting and working with a number of hardworking, dynamic and collaborative individuals. The RAiN team settled in well and developed a good approach to intercontinental communication and auditing. Weekly catch up meetings and a detailed induction allowed us to integrate this team into the firm and the audits they worked on. We look forward to maintaining a working relationship and learning from this experience as we grow as a firm.” – Karen Allan, Director, haysmacintyre

Connecting and working collaboratively within the MSI Global Alliance has been a great experience for both firms and we look forward to future in-person and remote secondment opportunities.

Karen Allan

Director, Co-Head of Financial Services
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