Brexit and VAT

27th January 2021

Now that the Brexit transition period has ended, we have provided some key things to remember when tax planning for 2021.


If you submit Intrastat forms, you will still need to submit Arrival forms at least for 2021. However, you no longer need to submit Dispatches forms.

EC Sales Lists

These will no longer be required unless your business is located in Northern Ireland.

Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)

If you are registered for MOSS, you will no longer be able to submit the existing MOSS returns to HMRC. You will either have to register for VAT in each of the EU States where you trade, or register in one other EU State to use what is referred to as the Non-Union MOSS and submit returns to that country’s tax authority.

VAT return boxes

Boxes 2, 8 and 9 are no longer relevant and should be completed as nil, unless your business is located in Northern Ireland. In this case you can complete them as normal.

Importing Goods

If you are importing goods from the rest of the world or the EU, you should account for VAT using what is known as ‘Postponed Accounting’, as follows: if the value of the goods is £100 and the item is standard-rated you declare £20 VAT in box 1 and £20 in box 4, provided you are able to claim back VAT in full.

If you are partly exempt or otherwise unable to recover VAT in full you would enter the amount of VAT in box 4 that you are entitled to claim.

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