Probate Office delays

27th October 2023

The latest statistics reveal that the average waiting time for the granting of probate applications has increased from 7-11 weeks up to six months. The process may be slightly quicker when using the online process.

How long is the probate office currently taking?

Pre-COVID, it was possible to follow up with HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) if probate had not been granted after 10 days. However, there is now a 16-week timeframe in place before it is possible to chase the registry for an update with an application.

These delays can have significant consequences for the distribution of a deceased person’s estate.

It can lead to the following:

  • Prolonged waiting periods for beneficiaries to receive their inheritance
  • Stress, emotional anguish, frustration and financial hardship on the waiting families
  • An increase in legal and administrative costs, as the process takes longer to finalise
  • Assets and investments tied to the estate may be affected by market fluctuations

All of the above can ultimately impact the value of any inheritance and the overall value of the estate. We recognise that the Probate Office’s delays cause uncertainty and frustration for our clients. We do everything possible to ensure the smooth passage of probate applications. Please contact Sharron Edwards, Senior Manager, or a member of the Private Client team if you wish to discuss this issue further.

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