Gender Pay Gap 2022

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3rd April 2023

haysmacintyre is committed to treating individuals fairly and rewarding them based on their merits. We are an equal pay employer and do not pay men and women differently for the same or equivalent roles.

Within this context we present our fifth gender pay gap report for the year ended 5 April 2022. This report has been prepared in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. As it currently stands, the Gender Pay Gap regulations do not define the terms ‘men’ and ‘women’. In line with current regulations, if an employee has not self-identified as ‘male’ or ‘female’, reporting of this data has not been included.

This year we have continued to focus on ensuring the firm presents an inclusive and welcoming place for all staff and partners. Our staff survey from March 2022 reported that 84% felt strongly that they were able to be themselves at work and 88% agree that haysmacintyre is an inclusive place to work. We are proud that people feel comfortable in our workplace and feel able to be honest and open with their managers.

We are not, however, complacent that this will naturally continue and therefore we invest in initiatives to support the ongoing development as a firm:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

  • As a firm, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive working environment and encourage staff to share data through our diversity questionnaire, on joining, to ensure we have systems in place to support everyone.
  • This year our DEI Committee have continued to work across the firm, listening to staff views and making changes aimed at being an inclusive firm with staff who feel they can be themselves at work.
  • The DEI Committee have organised events to celebrate our staff and partners through International Women’s Day, Black History Month, Pride month and have hosted events and religious festivals throughout the year to both educate and connect our staff.

Learning & Development

  • We continue to offer a wider programme of Learning & Development for staff development and intend to publish clear career paths for people at the firm this year.
  • We are aware that we must not be complacent and need to encourage, through appraisals and training, all staff to continue to feel that they have an equal opportunity to thrive and advance at haysmacintyre.


  • We have continued to support our hybrid approach to work, allowing people the flexibility for an improved work life balance and ability to manage life commitments as well as work
  • Our office enables people to work in a productive environment as well as relax, socialise and prioritise their own wellbeing.
  • The refurbishment of our prayer/wellbeing room as a place for prayer, reflection or some time away has meant that staff wellbeing is supported in the office
  • We have made progress in collecting ethnicity data which will enable us to report, internally in the first instance, on ethnicity pay gap for the upcoming financial year.

As a firm we are clear that all are to be treated with dignity and respect, by colleagues and clients alike, and we are committed to addressing issues where identified.

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