International Charities Briefing Winter 2024

7 February 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of our International Charities Briefing

I wrote in the welcome to our last edition, that the only constant for the sector was change. Given the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel-Gaza, as well as an upcoming general election in the UK, uncertainty can continue to be expected for some time to come. At the same time, the needs met by international charities remain great and the sector has recently responded to a variety of issues including a range of humanitarian emergencies.

To begin, Vikram Sandhu, Director, considers what Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting means for international organisations. This continues to be a hot topic for many in the sector, with many organisations placing more emphasis on reporting in this area.

For international charities, risk management is a crucial aspect of the governance framework. International charities face a range of risks which need to be managed effectively. Rakesh Vaitha, Director, considers some key questions for management teams and trustees to consider when looking at international risks and operations.

We have also, recently, seen a number of international charity clients reassessing their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Andrew Roberts, Senior Manager, reviews why you should consider upgrading your CRM software and some of the pitfalls we have seen when working on such projects.

One of the challenges faced when operating internationally is taxation. Charities with overseas investments or other sources of income arising overseas may suffer withholding taxes on their income. Jamie Whale, Senior Manager, summarises the main scenarios that organisations are likely to face, and when advice needs to be taken.

From time to time, many international charities must consider operating in new jurisdictions. Such considerations can be dictated by events or may be part of longer-term strategic considerations. Adam Halsey, Partner, considers some of the key factors to assess when moving into new jurisdictions, with a particular focus on areas to consider when contemplating working with local partners.

Turning back to risk management, a key area for many international charities to address is their use of social media. The Charity Commission has recently issued new guidance in this area, which is particularly important given the challenging and emotive subjects dealt with by some international charities. I consider the Charity Commission’s guidance in this area, including some key questions to think about.

I hope you enjoy this edition and find these articles of interest. Do feel free to let the articles’ authors, me or your regular contact know if you have any questions concerning the matters discussed. I would welcome any feedback on this International Charity Briefing and, in particular, any topics you would like us to consider for future editions.

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