HMRC settlements

Our team are experienced in representing you and negotiating settlements with HMRC.

Settlements can cover a broad range of historic tax matters, most topical at the present time are those in respect of taxpayer investments which HMRC perceive to be tax avoidance schemes.  These include but not limited to film partnership structures, offshore structures, disguised remuneration – ‘contractor loans’, EBTs, umbrella companies.

HMRC are focussed on attacking such investments through their counter-avoidance department and legal action through the courts.  Such action is protracted, causing stress and worry for the taxpayers involved.

Settlement opportunities offer individuals an ‘out’ – a chance to enter into a mutual settlement with HMRC in order to provide finality.  Normally this is in exchange for payment of tax due plus late payment interest.

Our approach – we will review all of the available information to advise the best course of action, with regards to your personal circumstances.

Our focus is you, we communicate direct with HMRC on your behalf and keep you fully to do date each step of the way. We understand settling with HMRC will impact on cashflow, penalty mitigation and payment arrangements form part of the settlement process.

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